Alumni Testimonials

My journey with MJCOE is a memorable one. I express my sincere gratitude to MJCOE and the staff members for the knowledge and experience that they shared which helped me to move forward professionally. The faculty members are the most valuable asset to the college. They are very approachable to all students, ever ready to share all their experience and knowledge and extend moral support voluntarily. I owe my gratitude to all the sincere efforts taken by our Principal for developing professional efficiency through Research Colloquiums, Internships, and National and International Seminars. The innovative methods of imparting education definitely helped me in extending learning beyond the classroom with profound pedagogical approaches. It further helped me increase my passion for delivering high-quality education to students.
M.Ramya Jesinthiya
Coordinator, The Aalam – A Freedom School.
MJCOE proved to be the best learning centre for my career growth. It not only provided me with various platforms to showcase my abilities and skills but also helped me learn all the soft skills required to teach effectively. MJCOE is a place where your voice is heard and your opinion is counted. My knowledge and confidence had been boosted up after coming here. And really, really the credit goes to the training given by the faculties & encouragement bestowed by our most respected Principal RaviSir! To get succeeded in life, first you have to be in the right place; and for me, it was MJCOE.
Theresa Shankar
Secondary Teacher, Dept of Geography Gems, Westminsters School
After 5 years of teaching at Sreenidhi International School in Hyderabad, I took a break for pursuing my Masters in Education. During my search for colleges near my hometown, I came across MJCOE. I still remember the day I visited the huge peaceful campus with a School, Degree College and College of Education and Hostels. Memories I spent in the College, library, dining with all my batchmates in the dining Hall, celebrations at College etc., are still afresh. I'm privileged to be a part of MJC community and I'm thankful to the Principal, my guide, all my friendly lecturers, M.Ed classmates and B.Ed friends for providing a stimulating learning environment to successfully complete the course in 2017. The research skills I acquired during my M.Ed course was quite useful to guide my students in various aspects. Now in 2020 I’m moving to another city Bangalore to join one of India’s top ten International school- Indus International School.
Shigee K
Senior School Science Facilitator, Sreenidhi International School
First of all, I would like to offer my thanks to Lord Almighty to have led me and nurtured me to become the woman that I am today. Although, I initially came to this institution as a parent; with Dr.P.P.Job’s guidance I pursued a Masters in Education at the college because of which I now serve as a teacher in the institution. I am so proud to articulate that this institution has given me an opportunity to render my services in a sincere way and has helped me produce two distinctions in the University Examinations. Apart from studying, I conducted prayer meetings in the chapel and also acted as a mentor to young students. This opportunity groomed me to tackle the problems of young students from various cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. The positive vibes among the faculty members inspired me to become a disciplined and diligent person. And now thanks to Ravi sir’s encouragement, I am now pursuing my Ph.D from Bharathidasan University. For such a great institution as MJCOE, I am glad to render my services and uphold its vision and mission.
Mrs. R. Sheela
Assistant Professor, Michael Job Memorial College of Education for Women
I am extremely grateful to Michael Job Memorial College of Education for Women to have given me to the opportunity to pursue my Master’s Degree in Education. At MJCOE, I was successfully guided into my education plan through the encouragement and support of my guide teacher and subject teachers. Further, MJCOE gave me the necessary independence needed for my profession and also motivated me to work towards my goal. When you think of the type of teacher you’d like to be, who comes to your mind first? The math teacher who helped you to conquer fractions, the English teacher who wrote great comments on your stories, or the teacher who helped you to discover your talent? Definitely, it is the one who always nudge you up towards your career path! And such were my teachers at MJCOE. At six to eight hours a day, five days a week, we as teachers are poised to become one of the most influential people in our students’ life, and I am very much enjoying the privilege of being the most lovable person among my students. I believe that the quality of a teacher does not come from the degree, but from the guidance of the teachers who taught you because they help you achieve a greater path in your profession and I have experienced the same from MJC. I am extremely thankful to the Institution
S. Siva Nivetha
Middle School Science Teacher, Delhi Public School, Coimbatore
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