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MJC - Empowering the Girl Child

MJC offers countless opportunities for students to pursue their dreams and develop the skills they will need to succeed in an ever-changing global marketplace.

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MJC - Empowering the Girl Child

MJCOE is committed to improve the standards in teaching, by producing professional teachers and offers an excellent arena for teachers to be professionally trained and uphold the ethical and moral values of this noble profession

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MJC - Empowering the Girl Child

With its range of undergraduate, postgraduate courses, mentorship, digital learning programs and extracurricular activities, MJC leaves no stone unturned in providing its students the best exposure.

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About us

“Teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring change” -William Arthur Ward

Continuing in our pursuit of women empowerment; The Michael Job Memorial College of Education For Women (MJCOE) was established, in Coimbatore, in the year 2004 by Dr. P. P. Job to train teachers to inspire and nurture young women to become responsible individuals of the world. Affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University and accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), MJCOE has proved itself to be a centre of excellence with regard to offering the best programmes in Bachelor of Education and Master of Education, in the state.

MJCOE prides itself over providing a holistic approach to the curriculum so as to encourage different perspectives on teaching. The curriculum includes regular classes with qualified professors, extracurricular activities, spoken English classes, debates and discussions etc. All these activities are further supported by outstanding infrastructure of digital classrooms, labs, libraries and digital learning centres. We believe that every individual has a right to a good education, and so to ensure that no woman is denied the right to a higher education due to lack of financial resources; we are proud to provide financial aid to students deserving and eligible for it; further, MJCOE is also glad to be one of the few institutions certified to welcome University grant students in our college.

MJCOE is more than a place of academics, it is a place where women of diverse backgrounds come together in a classroom and hone their skills on how to teach, mould and develop their students into responsible citizens with a curiosity that is both helpful and respectful of humanity. This is important to MJCOE because the responsibility of a teacher lies not just in teaching students; it lies in nurturing good humans into using their intellect in a helpful way. MJC strives to accomplish that here – a better tomorrow through excellence in the field of education.

our vision

Our Vision is to be an institution that trains teachers who are equipped and empowered to meet the challenges of tomorrow

Our Mission is to establish an institution which has necessary infrastructure, qualified staff and enabling environment that will train teachers who will endeavor to guide students to develop intellectual curiosity, to think logically, to be creative and to live ethically

our objectives


The Michael Job College Memorial College of Education for Women is affiliated with the Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University (TNTEU) and is granted legal permission to offer B.Ed and M.Ed programmes at MJCOE.  MJCOE is also accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)with a “B+”. The NAAC is an autonomous organisation established with the objective of helping institutes to work towards the betterment in the quality of education. Further, the MJCOE is recognised by NCTE  and diligently follows the guidelines prescribed by the same.

History of MJC Institutes

Michael & John Job Centre (MJC) is a group of non-profit institutions, working dedicatedly to transform the lives of underprivileged girls through education. Since its establishment in 2004, the MJC has transformed the lives of young women. A prominent regional centre of academic excellence and professional achievement, the MJC now has a High School, an Arts & Science College, a B.Ed & M.Ed College and a home for the economically challenged, under its wing.

The journey of MJC began with the vision of one man – Dr. P P Job, a revered leader of the Christian community. The unfortunate and untimely passing of his son Michael Job in 1999, led Dr. Job to reflect upon how he could add meaning to the life of others. He decided to devote his life to become a godfather for those in need. For him, opening an orphanage or a home for the destitute was not enough. His aim was to use education, which would be a long lasting investment towards empowering lives and helping young girls chart their own success stories. As a result, MJC became a place where an economically challenged student could join in kindergarten, and step out armed with a degree,and a job offer in hand. A graduate at MJC experiences, in addition to academics, a digitsed learning environment, mentorship from distinguished industry professionals, spoken english coaching, life after college training for better integration into the workplace and much more. The goal for MJC is to mould young girls into confident women, ready to take on their world.

Through the Love in Action Society, MJC sponsors education and boarding for the economically challenged girl child, but its doors are open to any student with an urge to learn. The institution attracts students from all backgrounds, including those who can study here by paying a regular fee. This creates a diverse, multicultural community for MJC girls to grow up in and become responsible members of society.