Research Colloquium on ” Status of Women in Indian Society”

Date: 09.04.2022

Topic: Status of Women in Indian Society

Presented by: Mrs.J.Jenivelot

Participants: Student Teachers & Prospective Teacher Educators and Teacher Educators

            The research colloquium programme was inaugurated by Mrs.R.Gokilavani, Professor, Michael Job Memorial College of Education for Women. A total of 42 participated in this colloquium. The session was engaged by Mrs.J.Jenivelot, Assistant Professor, Michael Job Memorial College of Education for Women. She presented a topic entitled “Status of Women in Indian Society”. This session mainly focused on the position and status of women in Vedic, Medieval and Contemporary India.

 Short description of this paper:

Women play a vital role in domestic, educational as well as in the society. Women’s role is unavoidable in all the fields’ especially social and political arena. According to Indian society, Women are represented in a great manner. In ancient times also women were well educated in our society and it was represented in sangha literature. This presentation highlights the position of Indian women in various periods like Vedic period, Medival period and contemporary period. Women’s literacy is more common in Vedic period compared to medieval period. Due to invasions, the invaders exploited the Indian society and prohibited the women education. This was clearly pointed out through this presentation. During colonial rule, the recommendations and commissions were implied to uplift the women education in the Indian society. Charles woods dispatch, Hunter commission and Hartog committee and other reforms made by both British and Indian government promoted women education. It is worth saying that, in contemporary Indian society women got a prominent place. This presentation gave a glimpse to women’s educational status in Indian society.

            By this colloquium, participants acquired an adequate knowledge about the Women’s Status in Indian Society and the session was really a valuable and productive one.


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