Research Colloquium on ” Research Proposal”

Date: 21.01.2022

Topic:  Research Proposal

Presented by: Dr.R.Ravi, Principal, MJCOE

Participants: Student Teachers, Prospective Teacher Educators  and Teacher Educators

The research colloquium programme was inaugurated by Dr.R.Ravi, Principal, Michael Job Memorial College of Education for Women. A total of 73 participated in this colloquium. The session was engaged by Dr.R.Ravi, Principal, MJCOE.He has presented on the  topic entitled  “How to write a Research Proposal.”  This session mainly focused on the procedures to be followed by the students in writing the M.Ed Research Proposal.

A short description of the session:

The research proposal is a document written by a researcher that provides a detailed description of the proposed project. The resource person Dr.R.Ravi explained step by step procedures for writing a research proposal. He elucidated a clear picture about the statement of the problem, title of the problem, significance of the study, review of related literature, hypothesis and methodology. In addition, he also explained about the population, sample, sampling technique, tools to be used for data collection and analysis. Finally the presenter delivered the overview of the research proposal.

Discussion Session:

            At the conclusion of the session of the colloquium, a discussion was convened by Dr. R.Ravi, Principal, Michael Job Memorial College of Education for Women. He clarified participants’ doubts on the selection of the topic, procedures to select the sample and appropriate statistical techniques to be used for the research. By this colloquium, participants obtained ample knowledge about research proposal and the session was really a precious and productive one.                           

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