Research Colloquium on ” Origin of ED Tech Companies “

Date: 11.03.2022

Topic:  Origin of ED Tech companies and its Marketing

Presented by: Dr.M.Nalinilatha

Participants: Student Teachers, Prospective Teacher Educators and Teacher Educators

The research colloquium programme was inaugurated by Dr.R.Ravi, Principal, Michael Job Memorial College of Education for Women. A total of 43 participated in this colloquium. The session was engaged by Dr.M.Nalinilatha, Assistant Professor, MJCOE. She presented on the topic “Origin of ED Tech companies and its Marketing.” This session was paid much attention because it focused on role of ED companies in the enrichment of teaching learning process.

A short description of the Session:

Educational technology is a field of study that investigates the process of analyzing, designing, developing, implementing and evaluating the instructional environment and learning materials in order to improve teaching and learning. In this session, the presenter explained about the objectives, types as well as modes of educational technology in this digital era. She further elucidated about the origin and usage of educational technologies in different periods.

Moreover she gave details regarding the different ED Companies such as Byju’s, Doubtnut, Gradeup,Unacademy and Vedanta. These companies aimed at facilitating and enhancing learning process. In addition, the presenter also explained about the ED companies marketing through email, video marketing and social media platforms to sustain their place continuously and successful manner. Finally she summarized the timeline of educational technology and role of Ed companies in the field of education.

Discussion Session:

            At the end of the session, Dr.R.Ravi, Principal, shared his views on timeline Educational technology and Ed companies. He said that the role of Educational technology during Corona Pandemic period was enormous and all the educational institutions were forced to adopt online platforms to their teaching-learning process.Inspite of pandemic situation the digital education was done in a well planned manner in this world due to technology only . By this colloquium, participants obtained sufficient knowledge about Ed companies and the session was really a useful and valuable one.

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