An online series of Faculty development programme (FDP-2020) was successfully organized and conducted by Dr.R.Ravi, Principal,MJCOE from 4th june to 27th June 2020. The FDP programme received an overwhelming response with participants from faculties of MJCOE,MJHSS and MJCAS.

          Mr.Mathew.V.Francis , CEO took time out of his busy schedule and joined in this programme to encourage and enrich the session with his suggestions and ideas.

     Dr.R.Ravi,Principal,MJCOE and Dr.T.Nazeema, Principal, MJCAS also served as resource persons in this FDP. Mrs.N.Anitha , Principal , MJHSS was very interactive and communicative in expressing her views related to the topic in this programme.


         Faculties of MJCOE were the resource persons for the FDP programme. The programme was a perfect blend of knowledge in various areas like Techno-pedagogy , Value education , Safeguarding girl children from Cyber crime , Indian Women in Freedom Struggle Movement, Contemporary Issues in Indian Education system , Motivation and Learning, Indian Contributors to Mathematics, Digital Library , Student teachers attitude towards Teaching , Role of student teachers towards test and anxiety, Role of Physical Exercise in improving mental health, Digital Engagement in teaching learning , Religion and Environment , Life Skill Education, Indian Archeology , Instructional Technology, and Online Teaching.

         These topics covered all the perspective areas necessary  for teachers that will enhance their professional capacities and skills not only in teaching but in all areas.

        Each FDP session started with the introduction of resource person and ended with the vote of thanks by the participants.Each day the programmme was followed by Open session where it was opened for queries and discussions for the participants.

     E-Certificates were issued to the participants having more than 90% attendance in the programme.

This FDP fulfills its prime objectives of bringing together the faculties of our MJC family into one platform for sharing and updation of knowledge and skills for their individual development.

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