National Education Day 2020 was celebrated by Michael Job Memorial College of Education for Women on 11th November 2020 commemorating the birth anniversary of Dr. Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad.

The program was inaugurated by Dr.R.Ravi, Principal, MJCOE. It was graced by the presence of Mr.Mathew V Francis , CEO, MJC. Faculties and students of MJC participated in the celebration.

A special lecture was delivered by Dr.T.Suresh, Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemistry, Bharathiar University on the topic “ KITCHEN PHARMACY”.

He is an accomplished researcher and scientist with several published works to his credit. The topic was the need of the hour where people must focus on boosting the immunity in this pandemic world.

His special lecture focused on the vital point – Food as Medicine which has the power to act as the first line of defense against many health problems. The Chemistry of vegetables and fruits for a healthy and vibrant living was elucidated by him.

The Basics of Green Tea, its selection and characteristics was clearly explained. He pointed out that in our daily consumption of oil, saturated oils must be avoided since it causes cancer.He stressed the importance of Ayurveda, an ancient medicinal system that incorporated the use of natural herbs to treat various illnesses.

Tomato, Rice and Red Chillies composition and the vital element in each of our daily food consumption was illustrated by him through the chemical structure of these food.

We have heard the healthy-eating mantra “You are what you eat.” Some foods both resemble and nourish specific organs. Foods that resemble the organs in our body are good  for the specific organs. A nutritious keeps your body healthy.Nature gives a clue as what food help what part of the body. Healthy foods are beneficial to the whole body.

He also explained that non-veg foods are not without nutrients but high cholesterol and high saturated fat levels in non-veg foods can affect the healthy living. An excessive intake of high-fat dairy foods, fats and oils, salt and highly refined foods can lead to obesity, heart disease and other problems even in vegetarians.  


So, he mentioned that whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian, foods should be taken in the right quantities which is best suited to the human body.

He finally concluded the session with a focus on the importance of food to be our first medicine and kitchen to be our first pharmacy in this pandemic period.

“ Let the food that you eat build and maintain your health, not destroy it. “