Buildings, classrooms, laboratories, and equipment – education infrastructure are crucial elements of learning environments. There is strong evidence that high-quality infrastructure facilitates better instruction, improves student outcomes, and reduces dropout rates, among other benefits.

Michael Job College of Arts & Science for Women
Class Room

classroooms & seminar Halls

We  have spacious and well-ventilated classrooms designed to provide students the best learning environment possible. Our Seminar Halls are used to conduct conferences, meetings, guest lectures and interactive sessions. We also have Virtual classrooms that are set up for digital learning. and are internet enabled and equipped with video conferencing facility


In Teacher Education, laboratories play a vital role. They provide the link between theoretical work and practical situations. With the intention of providing a holistic education, we have developed well-equipped laboratories with necessary instruments and other materials to allow our students to actively engage in ‘doing’ rather than being a passive recipient of knowledge in the learning process.

  1. Language Lab:  This lab is designed to provide learners with a strong platform through computer-based exercises for practical training in the English/Tamil language. It allows our students to listen to various language activities through headsets and promote the process of self-learning in a contemporary way. This provides a very different experience from the traditional system of teaching and learning languages by offering more advanced features and functionalities.
  2. The History lab provides students with the necessary information, resources, and procedures to teach a full range of historical thinking skills by taking students through a process that is methodologically similar to that employed by historians. This lab helps the students to build their interpretive skills and enables analysis of open-ended overarching questions related to the curriculum
  3. The Physical Science Lab has been set up with the objective of developing scientific inquiry and insight in the science field. It is well equipped with the essential equipment and apparatus. The lab is used to teach students the importance of demonstrations using working-scientific models to help a deeper understanding of the subject.

  4. Biological Science Lab provides the students with opportunities to model best practices in the study of the subject and focuses on the inclusion of students of different abilities. It helps the students to create teaching aids and projects. It has all the important biological equipment, materials and specimens necessary to conduct inquiry-based learning.

  5. The Computer Laboratory is regularly used by the faculty and students for providing training sessions, preparation of presentations, designing of Project Reports etc.

  6. The Psychology Lab is used to conduct different psychological experiments for example, Projective Technique, Creativity Tests, Social Economic Scale etc, with the objective of giving practical experiences to students on psychological concepts and principles.

  7. Educational Technology Lab: Educational Technology has reinvented learning as collaborative, entertaining and interactive. Our students are being morphed into 21st century educators through training with the aid of latest educational technology tools and by bringing the outside world into the classroom. Attached to the lab is a demonstration room,  which consists of multi-purpose tables that are used to prepare visuals, and for display of teaching aids. Students are trained to handle various equipment of the laboratory. Demonstrations are given for modelling concepts of Computer Assisted Instruction. Students are given training in practicing skills of Teaching through Micro Teaching, a prevalent faculty development technique wherein the teacher reviews a recording of a teaching session that she recorded in order to get feedback on her session

Computer Lab
Educational Technology Lab
Psychology Lab
Language Lab


We have an excellent library led by a qualified and knowledgeable librarian, Mr Anbazhakan. The library consists of more than 8500 books on various topics and pedagogies, a host of Magazines and journals.

The library also has facilities for accessing E-Books and taking copies for reference. Students are encouraged to make the best use of the broad array of books present in the library to meet the diverse needs of the academic programs. Furthermore, the comfortable physical spaces encourage the students to utilize the printed domain individually and in groups.  In the immediate future, we plan to implement INFLIBNET; an electronic database of credible scholarly peer- reviewed articles, for further exposure to latest resources.


MJCOE offers excellent hostel facilities for the students with well-furnished rooms and attached bathrooms in each of them. The facility is equipped with proper amenities such as adequate water supply, back-up generator, 24*7 medical facilities etc, in order to provide students a comfortable and safe environment to study. The hostel also has a well-maintained hygienic kitchen and a dining area, which provides nutritious meals.

MJC has a beautiful green campus with other necessary facilities such as; bakery, chapel, well-furnished auditorium, sewing and tailoring room, art room, computer Lab, research library, grooming station, medical room, cow shed, outdoor sports facilities available for students who wish to partake in recreational activities.

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